12 Cute Asian Selfie Poses

Hi loves! I thought this post would be something different and fun besides outfits. I was randomly looking for modeling poses that I could do whenever I have photoshoots and I ended up looking at some cute asian poses that some find it embarrassing. I know you're probably thinking.."really now?!!", but I thought it was a fun thing to do even if you have no idea how to pose for a selfie, here are some poses that you could try out for fun  :P 

1.) Peace sign (of course!! ^_^)

2.) Okay sign

3.) Nyan Nyan pose (this one is too cute, lol!)

4.) Call Me Maybe!

5.) Salute

6.) Louder

7.) Claw (roar!)

8.) Picture frame

9.) Pillow

10.) Daydream

11.) Dimple pose (^_^)

I clearly had too much fun taking these pics! Hope you guys enjoyed it!

xo, Alli