Crop Top + Gladiator Season

Its crop top and gladiator season once again! I love wearing cute crop tops, high waisted shorts and gladiator sandals during summer time. It reminds me of going to theme parks such as Disneyland, Universal Studios, and Six Flags. I have a hate/love relationship with summer because there are days when I miss the warm and hot weather, then I end up complaining because its too hot! Either way I still love it. I love dressing up in sun dresses, skirts, crop tops, and high waisted shorts. 

I was looking through my closet and found this crop top that I've had for years and never worn it, so this is actually the first time that I wore it ever since I bought..2 years ago! Its fun looking through your closet and realizing that you still have some clothes that you haven't worn in a while or clothes with tags on it still (I have a lot of clothes with tags on it still!). Especially when you are on a budget you still have a bunch of clothes you can find to wear in your closet. 

Ok, enough of me talking, I will list the outfit details below :)


Floral crop top - Forever 21

Shorts - Sway

Gladiator sandals - Urban Og 

Hope you enjoyed this look! 

xo, Alli